Thursday, May 13, 2010

Star Style

A little bit of celebrity inspiration - whether it's these pictures in specific or just general looks, here are a few of the starlets that help motivate me:

Of all the celebrities, I would probably liken my style to that of Lauren Condrad. For the most part safe but always put together, generally with girly touches.


Lauren Conrad in Los Angeles January 2010 (Star Style Inc)

But just because I usually associate with girly doesn't mean I don't appreciate, or even attempt to emulate, a more bohemian style. I find Kate Bosworth to have a great look:


(Star Style Inc)


(Star Style Inc)


Sienna Miller in New York May 2010 (Star Style Inc)

So simple yet so chic. And rompers are a current obsession! Not easy finding one (on a budget) that will fit 5'9 and size 2.


(Star Style Inc)

Denim on denim - for her it works.


Victoria Beckham in Los Angeles April 2010 (Star Style Inc)

Was there ever a woman more deserving of the name "Posh?" I think not.


Victoria Beckham April 2010 (Star Style Inc)


Who knew cargo could look so glam? (Star Style Inc)


(Star Style Inc)


I've been told by few and far between that I remind them of Whitney Port (seen here in New York City April 2010 by Star Style Inc). Though I don't necessarily understand the resemblance, I take it as a compliment, and work to become as confident in my style as she is in hers.


While not always making the best personal decisions, if good fashion is a by-product who am I to complain. Though she's done more original, this shot of Lindsay Lohan (from la belle et le blog) still shows her natural flair for putting things together. See a trend in my taste (leggings with boots . . . )


What fashion junkie can't look at MK for a bit of inspiration from time to time? (


MK during London Fashion Week (Fabsugar)


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