Monday, May 31, 2010

The Darkest Hour

There's something about a woman in black that brings about a certain attitude. When I look into my wardrobe and realize the amount of black that I own and how often I wear it, it made me wonder if there is maybe a specific emotion that I am subconsciously projecting whenever I put something on. What's your black mood? Does it enhance your attitude or just fit into your wardrobe as a neutral staple?

Also, I tried to take the suggestion for picture size into mind - is this better or still bigger? I really appreciate the feedback , I want this blog to be great for everyone who reads it so suggestions are always welcome!

(fashionising, tfs, fgr)


  1. I don't wear much black at all! I find that it makes me feel gloomy (!). I love the dress in the second picture though.


  2. Love your layout. My black mood is power, I suppose. They say wearing Kohl is powerful because your eyes command attention and mesmerise. It's hypnotic even. The intensity of black.. :)

    PS. Much admiration all the way from India :)
    PPS. Following you now :)