Monday, May 17, 2010

Lust List: London

A touch over one week until I leave for London! My month and a half trip starts out there, where I will be taking two classes through my university. They scheduled it wonderfully so that we are done with class by 1:00 every day, and have 3-day weekends to explore other places around Europe. When I've finished my classes, my parents will be joining me abroad for two weeks in Barcelona. It will be my first time ever in Spain (and only second in England) so I am very excited! Since I am leaving so soon, I thought I would share a few things that I've been thinking about. I warn you now, some of these are basics, but I promise although they may seem simple now there is potential for greatness in all of them - or at least I think so. Let me know what you think! Other suggestions are always welcome!

This Express ombre scarf is an easy way to spice up an outfit! And since almost all of my scarves are blue based it's nice to find a pink one that I really like.

Theory shirtdress from Shopbop - no one can deny that this is a necessity.

Florals that aren't too bright from Needsupply (and with a great price - $54!)

In all honesty, I am WAY to pale to wear a dress this color. But when I saw this on J Crew's website, I felt the need to add it. Flirty but classy, with a bit of edge (is that too contradictory?). I think I'd paid it with some black ankle booties?

This Kara by Kara Ross Lizard Cuff is gorgeous! And lust is the key word, since as a college student $310 bracelets are not in my budget. For some reason I can allow myself to spend that on an article of clothing, shoes, or a handbag, but not jewelry . . .

While I admit this isn't the most original, I can't help but add a Joie racerback to this list. Even though I already own a handful of these from Intermix, I wear them so often that more are frequently in the cards for me.

Oversized wonderfullness from Nation (at Intermix) for those lazy days. But accessorized right, no one else would know it's a lazy day!

Light denim from my favorite - J Brand. It's wonderful knowing what size I'll be in every one of their styles, so I don't need to try on a million. You can find these at Intermix.

Assuming it will get warm enough for shorts (I'll be gone for 6 weeks so I think that's a safe assumption), I love these grey J Brand ones from my favorite store, Intermix! With all the floral tops and pastel colors I'm envisioning, these are going to be a great neutral.

The Charles David "Dizzy" espadrille - wonderful spring shoe in a wonderful spring color! Since they're a wedge I think they should be bearable for hours of walking around.

And of course, when in London one can't be without a wonderful welly boot. The practical me knows black is the right choice, but the girl in me wants to jump in puddles with bright pink boots. High gloss is a must in these tall Hunter boots (from Nordstrom).

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